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FCAT Practice

iLearn Academy is starting FCAT Practice Sessions from January 23rd, 2014 till April, 27th, 2014.

The focus is on Grades 3-8 Reading and Math, and additional focus on Writing for the 4th Graders. We also cover EOCT for Algebra 1 and Geometry.

FCAT Practice is Online and helps prepare students with FCAT type questions and tests that last approximately one hour each.

FCAT Practice:

FCAT/EOC Practice: Advantages are that a student takes multiple tests, understands the strong points, identifies areas of improvement, is well-prepared, and knows what to expect on the test day.

In OnLine Practice a new test is uploaded every week, and tests become harder as FCAT approaches.

A Student Logs In to his/her individual account and answers the questions and enters them in Excel File (Parents may help enter answers in the Excel). A picture can also be sent by email.

A Student takes the test any time, but completes a test every week.

iLearn Academy checks and grades the answers, and provides feedback.

Schedule: Students joining by January have three months of practice. Actual FCAT is scheduled end of April/ beginning of May and EOC is scheduled mid-May.

Payable Monthly:

FCAT: Math/ Reading
$ 65/- per month for One subject
$ 120/- per month for Two subjects
(Sibling discount 10% available)

EOC: Algebra 1/ Geometry
$ 75/ - per month / per subject
(Sibling discount 10% available)

For clarifications or if you have any questions, call or email-

Dipti Modi -


Manesh Modi
904-629-1680 / 678-805-7605