Instruction based teaching that bring maximum benefits to students is the cornerstone of iLearn Academy. Each child learns differently - gearing teaching and fine-tuning the delivery ensures that students understand the subject. The interactivity during class session provides the insight and the goal is to promote student ownership of the learning process.

Individualized attention to students through small class size, ranging from one to six students of the same subject and who are at comparable levels, achieves a combination of attention and interest in the class.

Computerized and on-line access study room enables students practice time to complete work and benchmark by taking online tests and quizzes.

Licensed software with student accounts for additional practice supplements the instruction and worksheets. We are registered with major textbook publishers like Glencoe, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, Prestwick House, Sadlier-Oxford, and other online publishers.

Customized worksheets based on student's level provides optimum practice. Even within a single unit of learning, students differ in their understanding, and practicing more the weaker concepts while reinforcing the stronger ones is achieved by worksheets tailored to individual students specific needs.

Follow school
syllabus and pacing guide makes topics relevant and reinforces learning from school. The student relates to school syllabus and the instruction received at the center clarifies questions or doubts. A major benefit of keeping concurrent with pacing guide is that students do well in tests and quizzes in School, boosting their grades.

Standardized Test Preparation is emphasized by rigorous test practice. Students are coached for CRCT, End-of-Course (EOC), and GHSGT (being replaced by EOC).

SAT score improvement by attending
rigorous SAT Preparation Classes. All topics are covered-  Reading Comprehension, Math, Grammar, and Essay Writing. Summer, Fall, and Winter batches are offered to accommodate students time frame for appearing for the SAT.

Regular parent conference  to update student progress and provide feedback on the performance. This assists parents to track the child's progress and
follow recommended steps.

Lifelong passion for education, 15 years experience in teaching, focus on student success, and running business with personal control ensures that iLearn Academy continues to deliver the best to students.