About Us

iLearn Academy is a premier academic coaching institute  Our goal is to provide sustained academic excellence and help students achieve maximum potential and also an opportunity to challenge themselves more than the regular school work. We believe that by supplementing a child's school education with the right guidance & training outside of school enables them to reach their highest potential and build a foundation for success in school, college and career in the the rapidly changing world.

Achieving Academic Excellence is our slogan and an objective that's been accomplished successfully over the past seven years. A commitment to our philosophy, building a trusting rapport with our students, and an ability to engage students in their work has made a profound difference, almost transformational, in our students' lives enabling them to secure stellar results. A number of students continue to enroll year after year, a testimony to the value they see in the benefits they receive.

iLearn Academy is located on Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming, GA and also offers online, scheduled, live instruction classes.

We offer a unique package of services that leads to all round academic development of the student.

Enrolled students receive the following benefits:

§ Individualized attention to students in a small group setting, maximum six students of the same grade and comparable levels.

§ Exposure to the students to an education level that is at or above par the school syllabus.

§ Customized worksheets depending on individual student's ability.

§ Follow school/county pacing guide & syllabus to ensure reinforcement of learning.

§ Extra help provided when necessary at no additional cost.

§ Fully equipped computerized study room for online practice/tests and completing work.

The founders have, between them, over twenty years experience in teaching at college and school level, five Master's degrees in Business Management, International Trade, & Philosophy and Bachelor's degrees in Engineering and Philosophy. More importantly, the founders bring a deep love and joy of knowledge, teaching, and education that has made iLearn Academy a success.