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Admission to a College of your dreams or a good college hinges on many factors: Students' Academic Achievements -- grades, class rank, and the type and number of advanced courses completed, the non-academic portion that includes extra-curricular activities and involvement in leadership, community and citizenship activities, the Personal Essay, and the SAT®/ACT® Score.

iLearn Academy's SAT/ ACT Prep works to improve student scores who have set their sights high and are willing to work hard for an extended period of time.

iLearn Academy's SAT/ ACT Preparation combines the three elements of success - Instruction, Practice, and Guidance - to build a path to a better score on SAT/ ACT tests.

SAT Test Overview:

ACT Test Overview:


Online sessions are Live and Instructor led. The SAT sessions cover Reading, Writing, and Math. ACT sessions cover Reading, Science, Math, and English sections.

The instruction sessions cover the following topics:

Small Group instruction encourages students to engage in learning while provides opportunity to focus on individual students.

Academics - Students learn to work out Math problems, understand meaning of vocabulary words, actively read the critical reading passages, remember grammar rules, and write the essay. There is no substitute for real learning and core knowledge is important to increase the test score.

Strategy - Once students know the subject, we go over the approach to the test, explaining the tips and tricks necessary to improve score.

Evaluation - We evaluate students continuously through quizzes, asking questions, small tests, and full length practice tests. Essays, which are optional,  are evaluated on point of view, support, examples, transition, and clarity of writing.


Practice is essential to reinforce the instruction and understand the topic.

Students practice a Full length SAT/ ACT test every week during summer session and every alternate week during other sessions. The tests are timed and mimic the actual SAT. 

The tests are scored to observe progress in each of the sections. This enables us as well as the student to pinpoint areas that need strengthening and additional focus. The score is compared to the official SAT/ACT score for benchmarking.

In addition, homework is assigned for, Math, and Reading. Students are expected to complete the work on time.

For students who want more challenge, we offer differentiated work so they can hone their specific skills. These assignments are targeted at high achievers.


Students and Parents are encouraged to ask questions during and after the SAT/ACT Classes about best time to take the test, the importance of PSAT/NMSQT®, advantages of starting preparation early, from Middle School, and beyond to college applications.


iLearn Academy's holistic approach to SAT/ ACT preparation has given us confidence to guarantee a minimum of 200 point increase based on the student completing assigned work and attending requisite sessions. Our students have consistently increased their scores, gained confidence in their knowledge, and are mentally prepared to tackle the actual SAT/ACT.

As confidence in our approach, a number of students return for a second session to continue their quest for a higher score. A number of high achieving students score above 1400 on the SAT and in many cases make a perfect 800 on a section. These results depend on the individual student and we help students reach their target score.


Give us a call for your SAT/ ACT preparation requirements. You will find one of the the most comprehensive, well-structured, instructor led, rigorous, economical result oriented prep course available.

Call 678-462-6817 or email / to get more details about the program or answers your questions.

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